Top 5 Romantic Restaurants In Cyprus

Cyprus is famous for its deeply Mediterranean cuisine with its host of sumptuous dips, mezze platters, lovingly prepared meat, fish, seafood and fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating and drinking is at the centre of every Cypriot’s social life and natives regularly engage in long meals and celebrations with their families and extended families. If it’s […]

Visit Cyprus This Easter Weekend

If you’re thinking about taking a short trip over the Easter holiday, consider spending a long weekend in Cyprus. Home to beautiful beaches, archaeological wonders, and plenty of great food, there’s plenty to celebrate in Cyprus this year. Here are our top picks for how to spend a long weekend in Cyprus: What’s On There’s […]

Fashion Designer Finds Inspiration in Cyprus

Cyprus has been given the fashion seal of approval thanks to British designer Ada Zanditon, who chose to film her Spring/Summer 2013 collection here. With former resident Thomas Knights behind the camera and local assistants helping to complete the project, this was a collaborative effort that puts the island firmly in the spotlight. Staying in […]

Cyprus – An unlikely ski destination well worth visiting

Cyprus – An unlikely ski destination well worth visiting When we think of Cyprus most of us will conjure up images of beautiful sandy beaches, lush green vineyards, and days spent lounging by the pool. But there is another side of Cyprus that is often overlooked. Mount Olympus evokes stories of legend and mythical gods […]

What are the Common Cornerstones of Greek Cuisine?

Greek cuisine has been used as the inspiration for many types of food around the world for thousands of years. Even Italian food, which is one of the most recognisable and most loved cuisines around the world, takes a lot of its direction and principles from Greek cuisine. What are the cornerstones of Greek food […]

Time to Invest in a Cyprus Holiday Property?

In recent years, a growing number of Britons have chosen to invest in a second home overseas, and their preferred locations have invariably been sun-kissed holiday resorts. Property developments from Alicante to Zagreb have attracted buyers from all over the UK and beyond, and in the coming months and years many more locations will no […]

Key Reasons Why Cyprus Is the Perfect Holiday Destination

Cyprus is a smaller island in the European Mediterranean Sea, close to Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. It is an island characterized by an amazing mix between cultures, being strongly influenced by Europe, Asia and Africa. But Cyprus is also a place with a rich history, as many strived to conquer and dominate it along the […]

Cyprus – The Ultimate Combination of Old and New

There are plenty of holiday destinations in all four corners of the globe, of course, but very few of them manage to offer visitors a pleasing mix of traditional and modern. Some are full of glass and chrome hotels that wouldn’t look out of place in a futuristic sci-fi novel while others are home to […]