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Visit Cyprus This Easter Weekend

26 March 2013

If you’re thinking about taking a short trip over the Easter holiday, consider spending a long weekend in Cyprus. Home to beautiful beaches, archaeological wonders, and plenty of great food, there’s plenty to celebrate in Cyprus this year. Here are our top picks for how to spend a long weekend in Cyprus: What’s On There’s […]

Cyprus – An unlikely ski destination well worth visiting

8 November 2012

Cyprus – An unlikely ski destination well worth visiting When we think of Cyprus most of us will conjure up images of beautiful sandy beaches, lush green vineyards, and days spent lounging by the pool. But there is another side of Cyprus that is often overlooked. Mount Olympus evokes stories of legend and mythical gods […]

Key Reasons Why Cyprus Is the Perfect Holiday Destination

28 August 2012

Cyprus is a smaller island in the European Mediterranean Sea, close to Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. It is an island characterized by an amazing mix between cultures, being strongly influenced by Europe, Asia and Africa. But Cyprus is also a place with a rich history, as many strived to conquer and dominate it along the […]

Exciting Adventure Holidays for the Whole Family

24 August 2012

There are loads of options when it comes to holidays and entertaining the whole family. A lot of these options are not as well-known about as they should be and are a fantastic idea to make the most of the time that you have together. Family holidays and planning can be quite daunting subjects to […]

Cyprus on a Shoestring – Making the Most of a Cyprus Trip on a Budget

8 August 2012

Cyprus on a Shoestring – Making the Most of a Cyprus Trip on a Budget The Republic of Cyprus is definitely not one of the cheapest countries to visit – most likely because the country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. A tour of Cyprus is an event that you will […]

Holiday Ideas In Cyprus

22 October 2010

The island of Cyprus is a popular destination for British holidaymakers. With miles of sandy beaches along the coastline and ancient monuments dotted around the island. Mix this in with some more modern attractions, such as water parks and nightclubs, and you’ll find that Cyprus provides a fun-loving party atmosphere for all kinds of tourists. […]

Luxury holidays in Cyprus

5 May 2010

Cyprus is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for a bit of luxury for your holiday getaway. With it’s beautifully blue seas surrounding it, and the amazing beaches and flora found here, who could ask for a better backdrop for being pampered and enjoying the high life. There are many places in Cyprus […]

Luxury Cyprus at Le Meridien in Limassol

3 September 2009

I just received this email offer from Olympic Holidays regarding staying at Le Meridien Spa & Resort in Limassol. “This prestigious hotel is renowned for its 5 outdoor pools, award winning spa, extensive leisure facilities and excellent range of dining options. September is the perfect time to visit, with the combination of warm hospitality and […]

Luxury Holidays in Cyprus

15 July 2009

Cyprus is a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Ocean that aims to please the discerning traveler. The never ending coastlines with the beautiful sandy beaches are a pleasure to see and explore. There are plenty of reasons why millions of people holiday in Cyprus each year. Cyprus is split into many different regions, each with […]

Holiday Deals to Cyprus

1 July 2009

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Med and is technically in Asia but historically and culturally belongs to Europe. Today, Cyprus offers long stretches of sandy beaches, fantastic natural landscapes, mountain ranges, and small villages with hospitable locals who take great pride in their local wines, cuisine and culture. The weather in Cyprus […]

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