Cyprus – The Ultimate Combination of Old and New

There are plenty of holiday destinations in all four corners of the globe, of course, but very few of them manage to offer visitors a pleasing mix of traditional and modern. Some are full of glass and chrome hotels that wouldn’t look out of place in a futuristic sci-fi novel while others are home to a number of ancient landmarks and historic buildings, but the local accommodation options are seemingly just as old-fashioned.

Located in the sun-kissed Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is one of the few destinations that combine old and new in a seamless fusing that offers something for everyone. Many of the hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions in the island’s major tourist areas are wonderfully modern, yet they are often located just a short walk from areas of fascinating heritage. Everywhere you go in Cyprus, you won’t be far from reminders of its history.

Among the more iconic sights on the island are the famous Painted Churches of Troödos. Consisting of ten churches and monasteries in the centre of the country, they are beautifully decorated with Byzantine and post-Byzantine murals. They serve as reminders of just how important religious worship was (and still is) in Cyprus. The rich murals are, even to this day, a wonder to behold.

The town of Paphos lies in the south-west of the island, and it has become a firm favourite with tourists from all over the world in recent decades. Home to a number of ultra-modern buildings, it’s also the site of a great deal of archaeological activity. As well as the remains of landmarks such as theatres, churches and tombs, the mosaics of Nea Paphos are stunning, and are now a World Heritage site of exceptional historic importance.

Paphos is also where Aphrodite allegedly rose from the sea, and as such the area has been of interest for many centuries. Yet, fully in keeping with the island’s reputation as a classic combination of old and new, the town is a hugely popular modern holiday destination. The resort itself is proud of the fact that it offers something for everyone, thanks to its exciting nightlife, its exceptional range of quality accommodation options and the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.

First-time visitors to Cyprus can expect to find long sandy beaches, a fascinating sense of history, an enormous range of things to see and do, and a wonderfully slow pace of life that lends itself perfectly to a successful holiday. If you’ve never been before, it’s high time you made the trip.

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