Catch the Sporting Fever in Cyprus

The beautiful island of Cyprus is best-known for its wonderfully hot climate and its stunning collection of sandy beaches, and it’s perhaps fair to say that conditions on the island don’t necessarily lend themselves to great sporting achievement. When the temperatures are high and the sun is beating down, most of the locals would prefer […]

Exciting Adventure Holidays for the Whole Family

There are loads of options when it comes to holidays and entertaining the whole family. A lot of these options are not as well-known about as they should be and are a fantastic idea to make the most of the time that you have together. Family holidays and planning can be quite daunting subjects to […]

The Must-See Sights of Cyprus

Cyprus is a stunning Mediterranean island. Fiercely protective of its identity, Cyprus revels in its cultural heritage, which is forged from Greek, Turkish, British and even Italian and Spanish influences. It offers holidays with pristine beaches, beautiful scenery, interesting history, friendly people and tasty food. Museums The small island of Cyprus once played a big […]

Three cheers for Cypriot cuisine

One of the nicest things about visiting another country is undoubtedly having the opportunity to sample some of the local delicacies. We all love lying back in the sunshine with a cold drink and a good book, but when the evening comes around there’s something wonderfully decadent about visiting the restaurants and tasting the delicious […]

Beautiful wedding destinations in Cyprus

Escape the stress-induced experience of planning your wedding at home and elope! Any wedding planner would agree- it’s all about eloping. What better place to mark the best day of your life then in the glorious Mediterranean sun in Cyprus! Here are five wedding venues any bride would fall in love with! Located in Paphos, […]

5 Top Restaurants in Cyprus

Cyprus is an exquisite holiday destination that has stunning beaches, landmark attractions, and most of all, affordable accommodation options that please various interests. However, one of the major attractant is this beautiful island is the ample supply of palatable food. Tender roasted meat served with fresh vegetables, and spices make the popular Cypriot cuisine that […]

Cyprus on a Shoestring – Making the Most of a Cyprus Trip on a Budget

Cyprus on a Shoestring – Making the Most of a Cyprus Trip on a Budget The Republic of Cyprus is definitely not one of the cheapest countries to visit – most likely because the country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. A tour of Cyprus is an event that you will […]