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My experience with the Euro in Cyprus

19 June 2008

I went to Ayia Napa at the end of April and was looking forward to experiencing spending the Euro there for the first time, at the time the exchange rate was at it’s lowest, at the airport I exchanged some English Pounds and got a rate of 1.18, which was terrible, so already I knew […]

End of an era for the Cyprus Pound

31 January 2008

TODAY is a landmark for the Cyprus Republic. It is the last day that the Cyprus pound will be in circulation. From tomorrow, it will cease to be the island’s medium of exchange, and all transactions will have to be paid for in euros. People will still be able to exchange pounds at the banks […]

Can I still use the Cyprus pound?

26 January 2008

If you are going to Cyprus this year and are wondering if you can still use your old Cyprus pounds then hopefully this bit of information will be of help. From January 1 2008 the Euro became the legal tender on Cyprus at the fixed exchange rate of €1=CY£0.585274. According to the Sunday Times travel […]