Top free things to do in Cyprus

Booking Cyprus holidays is a great way to get away from it all, but worrying about overspending can cast a shadow over even the most amazing break. Fortunately, the island has loads of great things you can see and do for free – read our guide to find out more.

Enjoy the sunshine!

One of the most obvious things you can do here that won’t cost you a penny is soak up the sun. In fact, Cyprus is one of Europe’s sunniest destinations, with a whopping 300 days of sunshine a year. Plus, since it’s also home to gorgeous beaches, it’s a great place to sunbathe, swim and snorkel – all of which are likely to be highlights of any getaway here, regardless of whether you’re keeping a close eye on your cash or not!

Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach

One of Cyprus’s top attractions is Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach in Pissouri. Legend has it that the Greek goddess of love emerged from the sea here – but this place is so beautiful that it would probably still be a popular tourist spot even if it wasn’t steeped in myth!

It’s well worth coming here for a swim or a picnic, but the beach really comes into its own at sunset. If you’re on a romantic break, seeing the sun go down on Aphrodite’s Beach should definitely be among the top things on your to-do list – and it costs nothing.

Tombs of the Kings

Ok, so this one isn’t technically free, but it’s pretty close – and it really is worth a visit. While its name indicates some kind of royal connection, the tombs are actually king-free, owing their title to their impressive interiors instead.

Situated in Paphos, the Tombs of the Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a series of underground chambers and tombs dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Bear in mind they’re quite spread apart, so a trip here involves a fair bit of walking. Because of this, it’s a good idea to come in the morning if you can – and that way you can sidestep the worst of the heat too.

Limassol’s medieval castle

Head to Limassol and you can check out the medieval castle. Entering the grounds is free, which is an especially good thing because the gardens here are gorgeous – and often provide some welcome shade.

This attraction has a rich history; as well as being ransacked and controlled by various invaders, it was built on the site of a Byzantine castle. It is believed this previous castle is where Richard the Lionheart wed Berengaria and made himself King of Cyprus.


Walking is a pastime often overlooked on holidays – probably because it doesn’t seem exciting enough. This logic is a little backwards though, as walking is something that lets you to discover a new place like nothing else. While you can simply take scenic strolls on the beaches, there are a couple of other places well worth considering.

Paphos’s harbour, for example, is really scenic and a great spot to explore on foot, while if you head to the island’s capital, Nicosia, you can walk around its historic walls. The old city here is hemmed in by Venetian walls dating back to the 16th century. They are famed for their odd shape, which many think is similar to that of a snowflake.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, make your way into the Troodos Mountains and take one of the local established hiking routes. The path dubbed Kalidonia is a particularly good option, since it leads you to the scenic Caledonian waterfalls.

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