5 Top Restaurants in Cyprus

Cyprus is an exquisite holiday destination that has stunning beaches, landmark attractions, and most of all, affordable accommodation options that please various interests. However, one of the major attractant is this beautiful island is the ample supply of palatable food. Tender roasted meat served with fresh vegetables, and spices make the popular Cypriot cuisine that is not only delicious, but also cheap, and very healthy. Many traditional restaurants offer an excellent cutlery experience. However, those who want a more refined fine palate restaurant can find many premium establishments. Finally, with the influx of spas and luxury hotels on this island, people can find many gourmet restaurants. Their sleek, boutique style interiors, ambient environment, and rich cuisine, can easily please even the most discerning of visitors.

Principally, for food lovers, the plethora of restaurant options that Cyprus offers is unmatched. Whether visitors are looking for their traditional local dishes, or global innovative cuisines, Cyprus will never disappoint. However, people only need to do the mandatory legwork to find a decent restaurant that offers excellent services. This is challenging task, especially with the array of restaurants in this area. Individuals who have this challenge should consider the following five top restaurants in Cyprus:

1. Sabor

This is an exquisite restaurant located next to the Selimiye Mosque in North Nicosia, Cyprus. It is among the trendiest restaurants in the region, mainly because of its characteristic wooden tables and a lounge that has soft leather sofas. In addition, the fashionable photographs on the wall and colourful lamps that swing low create a warm, inviting environment that is suitable for families, and lovers who want to share quality time. In addition to its lush architecture, visitors enjoy palatable Spanish cuisine while listening to the live jazz piano music that the restaurant hosts, mainly on Wednesdays and Fridays.

2. Syrian Arab Friendship Club

The Syrian Arab Friendship Club is an ideal vegetarian restaurant in North Nicosia, Cyprus. It has a massive meze and a lush green garden laden with cooling fan. For this reason, the Syrian Arab Friendship Club is an excellent restaurant for people with big families who like to dine out. The level of service in this restaurant is friendly and alternatives unlimited. For instance, people can eat green beans, tabouleh, chicken peas, and many other delicacies.

3. Hondros

The Hondros restaurant in Paphos, Cyprus is popular, mainly because of its local Cypriot cuisine. Even though it has simple tables covered with characteristic checked clothing, the food served is traditional and delicious, and the level of service fast and professional. In addition to primary Cypriot dishes such as meat stefado and kleftiko, the restaurant offers a children’s menu that has fish fingers, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and other delicacies.

4. Seven St Georges’ Tavern

The Seven St Georges’ Tavern is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Paphos, Cyprus. What is striking about this restaurant is that the drinks and foods that people eat are grown and pickled in its vicinity. The owner, George, has a smoking cabin and herb garden where production and preparation of food and wine take place. The main advantage of dinning in this restaurant is that the food is always fresh and the menu changes with seasons. The level of service is also unmatched. This is because in addition to its professionally trained and courteous waiters, the owner, George, makes periodic rounds and engages with the customers directly.

5. Milakos

Milakos is a Lebanese restaurant that prides itself as being the most hospitable in the region. It has professional chefs who prepare exquisite dishes, and a variety of homemade sweets. Finally, apart from hospitality and rich cuisine, Milakos was the first restaurant to offer private business rooms in Cyprus. Those who hold special meetings, and or seminars will appreciate what this restaurant has to offer.

People who want to enjoy exquisite cuisines, excellent customer service, and a memorable holiday experience in general should consider five top restaurants in Cyprus.

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