Working on Holiday – How to do it Without Ruining Your Trip


While no one wants to have to, unfortunately there are times when some of us need to work while we’re on holiday. Though we might book time off, and though we might do everything in our power to avoid it, sometimes we will find that something unexpected comes up that forces our boss to give us a call, or sometimes we will suddenly remember something we forgot to do at the office.

And then of course there are those others of us – who actually enjoy work so much that we don’t particularly feel the need to get a break from it. For some of us, spending some time in a villa in a sunny country might be the perfect time to work on a novel or to design a website. Here we will look at not only how you can go about working while you’re on holiday, but also how to manage your work so that you aren’t doing too much.

Getting the Balance Right

Sometimes as mentioned you need to work on holiday and this is an unfortunate reality even if others judge us for it. However the important thing is that we still make sure we get our time off and that we feel recharged for when we come back. The point to consider is that we have earned time off and we probably aren’t being paid while we’re away – so we should feel under no obligation to answer.

Likewise what you have to remember is that your colleagues and bosses have no idea what specifically you’re going to be doing while you’re on holiday. In other words, if they can’t get through to you they aren’t just going to assume that you are too lazy to answer them – rather they are more likely to assume it’s because you’re deep underwater swimming with dolphins, or because you are mountain trekking up the top of some huge volcano.

You should still be able to answer a call or an e-mail in an emergency, because if you can’t you could end up making life more difficult for yourself when you get back – but make sure that you aren’t a slave to it and that you are able to attend to these matters in your leisure and as it suits you. A great method to use for this is to take a phone, and keep it on but to also keep it in your hotel room. Now completely forget about it when you’re relaxing around the pool, and only tend to it each evening to check. Out of site, out of mind.

Working When You Want To

If you do need to work then how can you go about this? Well of course it’s a good idea to take a laptop and this way you will be able to type quickly in your hotel or villa. You should also take a power adaptor so that you can plug it in when you want to.

You will also need some way to get online in order to deliver your documents. If you have wifi in your accommodation then you’re laughing, but otherwise you might want to use a dongle or tethering on your mobile. This can cost you a lot of money, but it is useful in an emergency. Lastly take a flash drive and this way you can e-mail documents at web cafes or even by asking to borrow a computer at reception.

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