Holiday Ideas In Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is a popular destination for British holidaymakers. With miles of sandy beaches along the coastline and ancient monuments dotted around the island.

Mix this in with some more modern attractions, such as water parks and nightclubs, and you’ll find that Cyprus provides a fun-loving party atmosphere for all kinds of tourists.

Whether you’re looking to relax by the beach, take in the sights of Cyprus or relax in your own villa during your holidays, Cyprus can be an ideal location if you’re looking for a holiday in the sun. Here are a few suggestions for things to do and places to visit during your time on the island:

Explore Ayia Napa

The coastal town of Ayia Napa is famous for its white sandy beaches and energetic nightlife, and has become a popular holiday destination for revellers during the height of summer.

As well as the numerous nightclubs, the town also has a number of museums and ancient sites to explore – including the Thalassa museum and the tombs at Makronissos.

Visit ancient sites

Cyprus has a number of monuments from the time of the ancient Greeks, and these make up some of the most popular tourist attractions on the island, giving tourists an insight into the times of the gods.

The city of Limassol has several ancient sites to explore, such as the ruins at Kourion – including amphitheatres, Roman bath houses and mosaics.

Take a boat trip

The coastline of southern Cyprus is known for its blue waters and miles of sandy beaches. So why not spend a day on the water as part of your trip to the Paphos region?

Day cruises are available from the port town of Paphos, and many will offer the chance to relax and catch some rays during the trip, or you can take the plunge and have a swim in the waters of the Mediterranean.

If you want to explore beneath the surface, there are opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive along the coastline, so why not take the plunge and enjoy all that the island has to offer?

Learn about Aphrodite in Paphos

Paphos is one of the largest cities on the island of Cyprus, and is popular amongst holidaymakers, attracted by the white sandy beaches and abundance of resorts.

Thought to have been the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, there are a number of monuments and remains of temples built by worshippers many years ago, many of which are popular tourist attractions for those visiting the region.

With a number of beach resorts, spas and attractions including wildlife parks and water parks, Paphos is a great location for family holidays as well as for those who are looking to relax in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore ancient ruins, the island of Cyprus can provide the perfect opportunity for some rest and relaxation in a temperate Mediterranean climate that can be enjoyed for most of the year.

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