Luxury Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus is a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Ocean that aims to please the discerning traveler. The never ending coastlines with the beautiful sandy beaches are a pleasure to see and explore. There are plenty of reasons why millions of people holiday in Cyprus each year.

Cyprus is split into many different regions, each with their own personalities and attractions. All of them are known for their wonderful beaches, hospitality and 5 star resorts and hotels that dot the coastlines. The beaches are well-kept and clean, usually with lifeguards on duty. Planning luxury vacation in Cyprus is very easy to do, and it is very tourist friendly.

One of the most well-known areas of Cyprus is the stunning Phinikoudes Beach in the Larnaca region. Surrounding the beach area are many different restaurants and shops that cater to the many different needs of the beach goers. Five star service is the norm at Phinikoudes Beach, and no where is that more evident than the Golden Bay Beach Hotel, an establishment that believes in pampering its guests so that they may truly relax during their stay. The amenities are abundant and the staff is meticulous about catering to the guests’ needs.

Paphos is another area of Cyprus that must be seen. Located on the eastern part of the island, this area is also known for its snorkeling and underwater diving activities. One of the finest places to stay on this part of the island is the finely appointed Elysium Beach Resort. Located directly on the beach, this hotel has much to offer guests, especially in the way of the deluxe accommodations and different types of food that are available in its many restaurants.

Another region that is a hotspot for those that want to take a vacation to Cyprus is Lemesos. Lemesos has many different beaches to choose from. The Aphrodite Beach is an appealing choice, as is the Onisilos Beach. Lemesos also offers luxury accommodations. The famed Four Seasons Hotel is located in Limassol will be sure to please. Newly renovated, this hotel boasts an exclusive spa, multiple restaurants and offers activities to please all ages.

One of the smaller 5 star hotels is in Ammochostos. The Alion Beach Hotel only has around 100 rooms, but its privacy and committment to superior service make it a notable place to stay in Cyprus. The views are wonderful, especially from the outdoor breakfast bar that is available for its guests. This small hotel proves that bigger isn’t always better in the name of luxury.

Cyprus is a world-renowned holiday spot that has it all. Historical landmarks, vibrant nightlife, great shopping and sunny weather are just some of the things that luxury holidays in Cyprus can offer.

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