Holiday Deals to Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Med and is technically in Asia but historically and culturally belongs to Europe. Today, Cyprus offers long stretches of sandy beaches, fantastic natural landscapes, mountain ranges, and small villages with hospitable locals who take great pride in their local wines, cuisine and culture.

The weather in Cyprus is sunny and pleasant about 8-9 months of the year. The short winter starts in October and will only last until about January. For those who are looking to arrive for ski vacations in Cyprus these are available between January and mid March and the Troodos mountains offer some fantastic ski resorts and great slopes.

Nicosia, the island capital, is a thriving town combining history and culture with modernity and advancement. The southern part of the city offers nightclubs and shopping while the northern part is more traditional with ancient ruins, galleries, museums and parks.

Limassol, the second largest city, lies along the Akrotiri bay in the southern parts. It has become a centre for tourists where one could find fantastic resorts, luxury hotels, festivals and archeological sites.

Aya Napa is perhaps the most popular resort town in Cyprus. Located in the south East, it attracts young tourists worldwide who come to lie in the magnificent sandy beaches, take part in water sports, and enjoy a vibrant night scene that includes clubs, bars and pubs. It is also a major site for festivals including the national festival in February, the Ocean festival in May and the Wine festival in September.

For a bit of outdoor activity, the Troodos Mountains, reaching 1952 meters in the highest point of the Olympus- the Chionistra, offer a fantastic getaway. This great national reserve offers hikes, ski, 4×4 driving and other activities. This can all be done between waterfalls, local churches and monasteries, and local villages that produce fantastic local red wines.

Thomas Cook offer great deals on holidays to Cyprus, this includes family holidays, all inclusive holidays and package holidays to the island.

You can get daily direct flights to Cyprus from most UK airports and with flight times at around 4 hours Cyprus makes for a great summer holiday destination.

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