Limassol is a coastal city situated in the south of Cyprus along the Mediterranean. It’s the second largest Cypriot city and the Island’s largest seaside resort. Popular with beach revellers, party-lovers and families alike, it is a charming location amongst the stunning backdrop of Akrotiri Bay.

You’ll find Limassol encompasses the full seaside-city type holiday resort. With beautiful, busy beaches and generous watersports facilities, a wander around lets you experience the charm of this laid-back yet fun-loving resort. Think bustling little shopping streets full of character, local Cypriot eateries scattered amongst international restaurants and an array of interesting and extraordinary people and you’ll be some way to understanding why boredom is not an option in Limassol.

Beaches are aplenty and whilst the sandy beach of Avmidou must be sampled, one can be rewarded for venturing out a few miles either way to discover some beautiful, untouched natural havens.

The much-celebrated nightlife of Limassol is vast in choice and the most acclaimed in Cyprus. From smart and funky inner city clubs, to laid back seafront bars; there’s something to sample each and every night.

When the sunburn kicks in and you perhaps want a day away from the beach or if you had one to many beers the night before and perhaps need a healthy does of fresh Cypriot air then do not despair, Limassol offer much more to the discerning tourist. Museums such as the Medieval Museum and the Folk Art Museum offer an insight into the often overlooked, yet hugely interesting history, of this attractive Island. Take a trail around the Troodos Mountains which offers interesting excursions and beautiful scenery so close to the city. And with castles and convents aplenty, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to embrace the culture before heading back to the sand!

Limassol is the centre of winemaking in Cyprus. This dates back to the Middle Ages when Richard the Lionheart infiltrated the Island renowned for its wine and sugar cane. The culture reflects this with the Annual Wine Festival every September which is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike for ten days. The dedicated wine-lover simply must also take a daytrip to one of the local wineries to experience the production and taste of the local produce.

The four hour flight route has now been taken up by many budget airlines and flights to the local airport, Larnaca, are direct and cheap. A short ride away from the airport and with many of the city’s hundreds of hotels offering airport-pick up service, Limassol is a very accessible resort. If you can, avoid peak times for great hotel deals, as the Cypriot summer lasts almost all year.

Limassol captures the city-living urban style with a laid-back seaside influence and it works! History and culture reside efficiently with the buzz and excitement of a major city resort. Such is the close proximity and ease of travel around Limassol, you could be chilling on the beach, refreshing in your hotel and sampling the fresh seafood produce with friends outside a charming Cypriot restaurant all within the hour. Limassol presents an envious lifestyle and you might just not want to go back home!

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