New housing plan for low income families in Cyprus

The Cyprus government has announced yesterday its new housing
plan for low income families. The plan will make 200 million euro
available for loans through the Housing Finance Corporation.

The housing plan applies to couples acquiring their first permanent

residence in Cyprus or European citizens who live permanently in
Cyprus the last five years and have a yearly income of up to 40,000
euro. The plan covers houses up to 200 sqm all over Cyprus.

The loan can be used for either building a house in an existing plot

or buying an existing house or apartment. The maximum loan amount
can be up to 200,000 euro. The interest rate on the loan will be set to zero
for the first two years and after that it will equal the current interest
rate of the Housing Finance Corporation.

For more information on the housing plan or for properties covered

by the plan call free 80-000-222 or visit your local BuySell office or
reply to this email.

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